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I Got My Life Back

mimi-hcg-testimonial.pngI always hated being “the fat girl”. All my life I’ve struggled with my weight and the constant annoyance of people pointing and laughing at me.

I tried several crazy diets just wanting to look “normal”.  I didn’t want the “big girl” label anymore, I just wanted to be “her” as opposed to “her... you know, the fat one.”  After years of yo yo dieting, I tried HCG and I am so thankful I did.

I feel like I’ve shed an entire person!  The funny thing is that all this time I thought I didn’t want a label at all, but I’m liking being referred to as the “hot girl”!  That label is just fine!  Thanks HCG Diet Package!

- Mimi


I'm Back To My Pre-Children Weight!

I only did the HCG diet because my husband did. Someone at his job had told him about it and he was dead set on doing it. 

I can't say how happy I am to report that after doing a full cycle on the HCG diet we both lost a signifcant amount of weight. I would not have believed it was possible if you asked me two months ago, but I'm almost back down to the weight I was at before I had my two children!

My husband lost nearly forty pounds and is now exercising regularly!

I'm hispanic and my family thought I was crazy when I first told them about the diet I was doing. Now most of them have bought HCG and are asking me for advice about how to be succesful on the diet. I am so thankful to you guys for the recipe book as it was a life saver for us. You guys were great.

We Lost Weight Together On The HCG Diet


My husband and I have been married for over 10 years.  When we got married we were both in pretty good shape. But as we got busier with work an children, we paid less attention to our bodies than we should have.  One day we just looked up at each other and decided we’d had enough; Easier said than done.

Starting and sticking with an exercise program when you already juggle a full schedule is hard enough, but it seems even more insurmountable when the mirror tells you that there is sooooo far to go.

After several unsuccessful starts and stops we might have given up and then a friend told us about the HCG diet.  Since it didn’t require a strict exercise schedule we easily committed to giving it a shot for six weeks.  Saying that we were super amazed with the results is an understatement!

We each lost over 15 lbs in the first 2 weeks, the weight seemed to fly off! Together we’ve lost more than 130 lbs in total with HCG; a whole person! Dropping the weight has stoked our motivation to stay healthy for ourselves and our children so we make time stay in shape as a family. We’re always going for walks or riding bikes together and we are in the best shape of our lives. We’re so happy that HCG was there to give us the start we needed.

- Stephanie and Evan M.

I've Tried Everything But Nothing Worked Like HCG


I tried everything else even down to HGH & testosterone which was $800 per month. I lost 6 lbs and $1600.

Since starting HCG I have lost 47lbs, in 58 days, and I’m down less than $100. The expensive part is buying a whole new Wardrobe, but it’s fun. When I lost the first 25lbs, I also went off my blood pressure medicine and I sleep like a baby.

Started at 255lbs and I’m now down to 208lbs, and I’m within 8lbs of my high school weight. I love HCG.”

- George F


HCG Gave Me A Life Back

"I lost 36 pounds on the HCG Diet on my first cycle. At nearly 270 pounds and my snoring had me sleeping on the couch instead of with my wife.

nearly 40 pounds after my first cycle I no longer was snoring anymore and was feeling fit enough to start jogging and lifting weights again.

I feel like HCG has given me my life back. I am more active with my kids and my wife and I just feel 10 years younger all in just a few short months.

My biggest fear is that I would be hungry all the time, but in truth dealing with my "desire" to eat was the real issue I wound up facing. I did not actually physically feel hungry the entire time. facing my desire to put food in mouth when I'm not hungry was the biggest win I took away from my whole HCG experience."

- Chris B

40 Years And 40 Pounds Of Fat

jesse-before-after.jpgFrom an early age, I saw the benefits of exercise and liked to maintain a muscular physique. As extra motivation, with my body type I’d start to blow up pretty fast if I didn’t exercise at least a little. Of course life gets in the way. With a real job and responsibilities, it became increasingly difficult to devote time to exercise. However, up through my early thirties I was able to exercise just enough to keep from being the fat guy. One day I noticed that my workouts stopped having the same results. Even if I went on a serious workout tear for a few months, the fat, especially around my waist just wouldn't come off. My muscles would get bigger, but then I was just a tubby guy with big muscles.

One of my friends told me about HCG. He had lost over 40lbs in six weeks! I figured I’d give it a shot... what did I have to lose? You can see from my pictures EXACTLY what I had to lose. With HCG I managed to accomplish in weeks what I had failed to do for years. Now that I’m in shape, I just exercise two or three day per week and make healthy food choices to keep my weight in check. I feel like a billion bucks! Thanks HCG Diet Package!

- Jesse W

I Had Given Up On Weight Loss Before Finding HCG

"I’ve been struggling with my weight for years. I work a lot of hours and I’m always on the road. Because of this, I’ve found it difficult to make time for the exercise I certainly need. Of course, I always promise myself I am going to start, but it never happens. I had tried a few of the popular diets out there and even lost a few pounds but nothing substantial. By the time I came across the HCG diet, I actually weighed MORE THAN I ever had before.

This diet has completely changed my life! I went from 290lbs to to 250lbs in 6 weeks! For someone that spends a lot of time behind the wheel with his chest touching his gut, this makes a huge difference. The new habits the diet helped me to create got me to stop craving Dunkin Donuts and muffins everyday, I’m actually happy to eat apples and I feel so much better.

I’m getting ready to start my second cycle and I’m super excited just knowing that 200lbs for me isn't out of reach! Funny thing... I even started walking regularly. Seeing results like this just motivates me to get moving!"

- Ray K