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How To Combat Weight Loss Stalls On The HCG Diet


It has been said, heard and proven that the HCG diet is a fast and effective way of losing pounds on a day-to-day basis. True to its claim, the program indeed contributes to the conspicuous weight loss of millions of people worldwide. However, this immediate body modification need not take place every day. You may lose nothing for several days and then lose two pounds one day. When this stall happens, dieters should not worry. There are a few points to be considered.

When there is a pause in the weight loss scale and a halt in decreasing waist measurement, does this mean that we should panic thinking that the diet program might not be working? Not really. In fact, while your body is burning the abnormal fats, your muscle tissues are also toning up. So instead of losing more pounds, the muscles forming contribute to the leanness of your body. That explains why your weight is still the same even though, in reality, you're actually not as bulky as you were before.

There are three other possible reasons why the weight loss has reached the plateau. Studies show that it is probable that the body has become immune to the HCG Drops, which slows down the improvement of the body figure. When this happens, it is advisable that you limit your drops or lower down the dosage of the drops. Even better you may need to take a six month break before doing another cycle of the HCG diet. Another factor would be that the target weight may have been achieved. If this is so, you have to confirm to your body that the idyllic body has been attained and as a reward, maintain the figure with less effort than when you started off.

In the third factor, you may want to consider the first stage of business marketing, when the introduction stage is the peak of its’ sales, the booms are off the cliff. It happens to your body as well. When you first started the diet program the weight loss effect is impressive. However, as you go on with the curriculum, your body will get used to the low calorie intake, thus making it the norm of your system. With this, the diet will have a little effect on your body. There are remedies when the dramatic weight loss suddenly stops. These remedies are called plateau breakers. There are numerous online resources to help you out with the specifics of this phenomenon.

Dieters should not fret during weight loss stalls. They ought to press on with the HCG program and make sure to follow the instructions correctly. Losing an inspiring 2-4 pounds a day can be exciting but it is not guaranteed that you will lose weight in the same manner every day. In truth, it is very possible that the scale will seem jammed for several days and then suddenly show a reduction of a couple of pounds one day. But this should not serve as a discouragement to the dieters. Dedication towards the program will cause an average of a pound a day, eventually. All it needs is commitment, a bit of enthusiasm and a dab of faith to go on with what you have started on.

We have provided HCG drops throughout the world and we have found that whether you are doing the diet in the U.S or the United Kingdom, you are going to lose weight with HGC! It's just a matter of making sure that you follow all the phases properly and that you do an apple day or a steak day when necessary.