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At HCG Diet package we make it easy for you to lose weight fast with quality HCG diet drops that contain a bio identical synthetic HCG plus an powerful energizing and fat burning blend. Losing weight has never been so easy! To make it simple for you we have broken down our HCG packages for fast and easy checkout. 

Lose A Bit - 10 to 20lbs!

One 2oz Bottle HCG Diet Drops



The beginning package is our "Lose A Bit" Package which consists of a 2 ounce bottle of our premium HCG diet drops. This is a 21 day supply that is great for a half round of the HCG diet plan. This is primarily used by those looking to drop moderate weight or for those that have already done a full round on the HCG diet previously and are looking to lose that last bit of weight.



Lose A Lot - 25 to 50 lbs

One 4oz Bottle HCG Diet Drops



The "Lose A Lot" package is our most popular product. This is a 4 ounce supply of homeopathic HCG diet drops. It is meant to last one person through a full round on the official HCG diet. By following the official HCG diet while taking the HCG drops for six weeks, most of our clients report an average weight loss of 1-1.5 pounds per day. It is entirely possible that you will lose more than the average. This is a massive weight loss compared to other diet plans, so it is very important that you follow the program as closely as possible, including the maintenance phase where you will stabilize your metabolizm which will ensure you keep all your lost pounds off forever!


Lose A Lot EXTREME - 50 lbs And More!

Two 4oz Bottles HCG Diet Drops



Our "Lose A Lot EXTREME" package provides enough HCG diet drop for two full rounds of the official HCG diet plan. At 8 ounces of HCG diet drops, this is a huge value. Most customers purchase the Lose A Lot EXTREME package because they recognize the great value in the amount of HCG product they are getting and they either intend to go through two full rounds or they want to purchase an extra supply for a loved one, spouse, or friend that will be joining them on the official HCG diet package. It is not uncommon for those with large amounts of weight to drop to do a second round on the HCG diet for maximum weight loss.


Lose A Lot Together 50lbs And More EACH!

Four 4oz Bottles HCG Diet Drops





The "Lose A Lot Together" is 16 ounces of HCG diet drops. This HCG diet package is ideal for a family or for a couple that are looking to both go through two full HCG rounds together. This HCG package offers the best value for the quantity of HCG diet drops you will receive.