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How to Lose Weight for a Wedding Using the HCG Diet


Wedding bells are ringing, a grandeur wedding cake has been created, elaborate flower arrangements have been ordered and you have been chosen to be one of the bridesmaids for the big day. However, there is one problem, which needs to be addressed immediately – you are out of shape and you feel self-conscious about the fact that you may not be able to fit into that gorgeous bridesmaids dress that you have been eyeing in the store.

Lose weight for wedding with hcgThe more you think about it the more worried and frustrating it gets as the inevitable reality of fitting into your wedding dress draws near.

So how are you going to pull off the impossible? Hit the gym perhaps? It’s possible, but quite often there just isn’t enough time for you to effectively lose weight from exercise. Hmm, tough call you say to yourself. How about weight loss pills? The success of those depends purely on luck. Not only that but those awful diet pills could also cause severe side effects. You find yourself caught between a rock and hard place trying to slim down quickly.

HCG To Your Rescue

How do you bail yourself out of this situation? Don’t worry because there is in fact a solution to the problem. The average HCG user loses about a pound a day. That means in only three weeks you can lose 21 pounds or more without having to ever hit the gym. Now that is a substantial amount of weight. Imagine losing 30 plus pounds in a month! Sounds amazing right?

Too good to be true you say? Not really, if you religiously adhere to this diet we are about to tell you about, you can definitely lose as much as 30 pounds and more in a month’s time.

It is called the HCG diet and dietitians and nutritionists have been raving about it across the globe, as a highly effective weight loss program. HCG is essentially a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is produced, in pregnant women. The hormone would be administered to you through HCG drops for a period of 45 days (can be used for shorter terms depending on the weight loss you require).

This unique diet was formulated on the basis of more than 50 years of extensive research and has a very high success rate. The HCG alters your body’s metabolism by converting all the accumulated adipose tissue in your body into energy, while at the same time retarding your hunger and preserving your muscle tissues.hcg wedding diet

Combined with a calorie restriction, you will be able to lose all that excess weight in under a month, just in time for the big day. Now you don’t have to squeeze yourself into that gorgeous dress at the store. Using the HCG diet program you can comfortably dress for the occasion and be the center of attention on the big wedding day.