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Keeping the weight off with HCG


Keeping weight off after hcgPeople who have lost weight on the HCG diet typically find it easier to maintain their weight loss than those who’ve lost weight on other popular diets.  This ease of maintenance is due primarily to both “resetting the hypothalamus” and developing new eating habits. Even so, it is ultimately the habits continued after finishing the diet that will determine whether or not an individual will regain their weight.  So assuming that you are an HCG dieter that has recently reached their weight goal here’s the skinny on keeping that perfect body.

The HCG diet is said to “reset the hypothalamus”.  The hypothalamus is a part of the brain that is largely responsible for the amount of fat stored on your body.  HCG works by instructing the hypothalamus to release stored fat and use it for energy.  The theory about resetting the hypothalamus is that the hypothalamus acts like a thermostat.  If your thermostat is set for high, for instance, you’ll retain more fat than someone whose thermostat is set for low.

At the conclusion of the HCG diet, there is a three-week maintenance phase designed to lock in the new “thermostat” setting for your body and your body should “normalize” at your maintenance weight.

The HCG diet also assists in creating new eating habits.  After several weeks of following the strict HCG protocol, dieters begin to eat “on purpose” as opposed to reactively;  This means they’re more likely to pay attention to what they are eating and why,  as opposed to just putting  random things into their mouths with little thought.  In addition, the weight loss of the HCG diet is so dramatic that just the fear of possibly gaining the weight back is often motivation enough to continue eating properly.

Even with these two great benefits, maintaining that weight loss is still not guaranteed.  It doesn’t matter where you set your thermostat if you decide substitute every meal that could be something like grilled chicken and brown rice with pizza and red velvet cake; that weight is coming back.  Period! Yes, there are few people on this planet that can scarf that stuff down daily and not gain a pound but I’m fairly confident that none of those people have any reason to read this article.

Keeping the weight off increases in difficulty as we get older because our metabolism slows down.  One reason for this is that we lose muscle mass as we age.  The less muscle we have and the less muscle we use, the less calories we burn.  What I’m saying here is that if you’ve gone through the trouble of losing all that fat on the HCG diet, you owe it to yourself to take up some sort of exercise program.  Not only will it keep your metabolism revved, it will help you look better, feel better and positively impact nearly every aspect of your life.

Even though it is easy to maintain your weight loss after the HCG diet without much effort, good habits and consistent exercise will guarantee it for life.

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