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Is HCG Weightloss Dangerous?


HCG Diet DangersIf HCG works this well, its got to be dangerous, right? Nowadays, millions of people are discovering that the quickest way to “the new you” may actually come in a bottle.  HCG promises staggering weight loss results with minimum effort.  It’s almost like taking a magic pill.  How can anything be this effective at removing those stubborn pounds with a huge warning label?

People tend to want to throw weight loss drugs and supplements all in the same barrel. Before we zero in on the dangers of HCG, let’s discuss what HCG isn’t and how it differs from the weigh loss drugs we’ve seen before.

The drug companies have been coming out with the “best-est and greatest” fat burners for years.  Some of them are “prescription” strength while others you could get at your local GNC.  The majority of these fat burners work using a process call thermogenesis.  This is just what it sounds like.  Since a calorie is essentially a measure of heat generated, these diet aids work by “speeding up” the body, which makes it work harder and generate more heat.  During the day, your metabolism is significantly increased and you magically shed pounds.  Unfortunately, drugs like ephedrine and phen phen made the news because unnaturally speeding up your heart rate like that can be deadly.

HCG is not a thermogenic.

HCG is a hormone that naturally occurs.  Hormones are essentially triggers that regulate specific body functions.  Think of them as levers.  Just like you flip a switch to bathe your room in light and flip it the other way to turn it off, your body releases hormones that order fat to be stored and hormones that order it to be released.

HCG is produced in pregnant women and it tells the hypothalamus to burn fat for energy, even in periods of starvation, to ensure that the fetus has steady nutrition.  Over 50 years ago, Dr. Simeon discovered that by administering HCG into obese people and putting them on a restrictive diet, they could lose fat at a rate of one to three pounds a day.  The HCG controlled their hunger by keeping the blood sugar in check and protected their muscle from wasting as would have naturally happened with so few calories ingested.

So how is HCG dangerous?

Following the protocol to the letter has exhibited zero side effects.  That said, I would love to tell you that HCG is the best way to lose weight, but then I wouldn’t be telling you the whole story.  HCG is the fastest way to lose unwanted pounds with minimal effort but the best way to maintain it is through diet and exercise.

While the HCG diet does encourage creating the habit of healthy eating, it’s important to adopt an overall healthy lifestyle when the diet is finished.  The only danger I’ve witnessed is people who use the diet to get down to their goal weight and then go right back to the same habits they had before the diet.  Inevitably, they gain the weight back over the next year or so and then do the diet again and again and again.  Remember, gaining excess fat is NEVER HEALTHY.

HCG is not dangerous inherently.  Use it to get rid of those pounds you’ve been struggling with all this time. It’s very fast and it’s super easy. It’s important to remember that once you reach your desired weight, you treat your body well by eating the right foods and adding in a little exercise. That way, your body will consistently look and run great until a ripe old age.

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