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Should Homeopathic Drops Cause Pregnancy Strips to Read Positive


With all the different types of HCG out there, people want a nice, simple way to determine if the HCG they are purchasing is the “real thing” or not. That’s understandable, as many HCG products make big promises and cost big money.  The question is whether or not a simple home pregnancy is a good gauge for the effectiveness of HCG.

pregnancy hcgFirst… why a home pregnancy test (HPT)?  HPT’s detect HCG in the woman’s urine.  If the HCG is above a certain threshold, the strip assumes the woman to be pregnant.  It’s important to note that she’s not chock full of HCG the instant that she becomes pregnant.  The levels build incrementally from zero mlU/mL (nada) to a peak as high as 288,000 mlU/mL (a whole truck load!).  So… the theory is that HCG is HCG is HCG and drops and pregnant woman urine should affect the strips in the same way.

Unfortunately for this theory, anything labeled as “homeopathic” should not have a concentration large enough to register as a pregnancy.  Some injectable HCGs do carry a concentration large enough but they also carry a large price tag and nice prescription along with them. Of course, injectable HCG is used for many things from weight loss to increasing ovulation.  Weight loss requires very little amounts of HCG. If your goal is to lose weight efficiently, quickly and cost effectively, HCG drops will help you to do that as well as any HCG injection.  If your goal is to instead imitate pregnancy, scare/surprise/prank joke your husband/boyfriend or parents with a proof positive pregnancy test, drops are probably not the way to go.

All jokes aside, there is no easy way to test the effectiveness of an HCG product without actually trying it.  To avoid purchasing inferior products,

  • Look for a good guarantee – make sure you can get your money back if the product proves bogus.
  • Try reaching out to customer support – make sure there are live people on the other end and you’ll be able to have your questions answered.
  • Don’t try to save TOO much money.  A good deal is one thing but if you notice that most places are charging $50 or more for HCG and you find a place that will sell you HCG for $19.95- you might want to be a little wary.

Now… once you get your HCG, whether drops, pills or injections, just remember that it doesn’t work unless you do.  FOLLOW THE HCG DIET before you decide that the HCG you have is bogus.  You’ll know pretty quickly either way.  If you test positive for a pregnancy test while on HCG, DO NOT DISMISS IT AS A SIDE EFFECT.  Though it could be, visit your doctor for an actual pregnancy test to be sure.

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