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The HCG Diet – An Organic Antidote to Your Weight Loss Woes


The HCG DietAre you tired and frustrated with weight loss programs and fad diets that never work? All is not lost as there is a glimmer of hope for you. This brand new diet has been hailed by dieticians, nutrition experts and celebrities as the next best thing since sliced bread. This novel fat buster is called HCG and it’s all set to whip you back into shape and give you that slender physique you’ve always craved for.

What is HCG?

HCG is an acronym for human chronic gonadotropin, which is a hormone produced by pregnant women in their placenta.  The diet is based on the concept that the HCG hormone restricts a pregnant woman’s diet and converts the fat stored in her cells into energy in order to sustain her bodily requirements. The HCG weight loss program comprises of daily injections, HCG drops, or supplements containing the HCG hormone which is administered to over weight people. Additionally people involved in this program are asked to maintain a strict diet with a high calorie restriction.

The dieters who partake in this program are administered an injection containing 125 mg of the HCG hormone, or take liquid drops orally on a daily basis. Once it enters a person’s blood stream, the HCG hormone notifies the hypothalamus in the brain that the stored fats accumulated in the body need to be converted into energy. This brings about significant weight loss in the dieter’s body as all the fat gets burned to produce energy.

The HCG Diet Program

The program comprises of two phases. Each phases consists of 21 days each during which time dieters are asked to restrict their calorie intake to just 500-1500 calories. In addition to this, supplements or injections containing the HCG hormone are administered on a daily basis. Since the dieter consumes a mere 500 calories in the second phase and another 1500 in the third, the accumulated fat in the person’s body gets depleted and coupled with the low starch/low fat diet, begins to lose weight drastically. Hence, the HCG diet program is an effective and organic way to significantly reduce your weight without any side effects.

hcg phases

The HCG diet has also been attributed as a healthy way to combat and prevent diabetes mellitus in obese people. Since being overweight, suppresses your body’s ability to produce insulin, your body becomes predisposed to life threatening diseases like diabetes. However, with the HCG diet program, you can safely reduce your weight and resume a healthy diabetes free lifestyle.

Owing to its myriad benefits the HCG diet program has become increasingly popular the world over. In fact just last week Britney Spears advocated this miraculous weight loss program during an interview when she claimed that she swore by it. Compared to the multitude of spurious weight loss programs that are available today, the HCG diet program is a 100 % effective and natural antidote to all your weight loss woes.

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