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HCG Diet For Vegetarians - HCG Diet Drops


HCG Vegetarian DietMany vegetarians are eager to join the countless “used-to-be-fatties” by losing massive weight with the HCG Diet.  However, the problem that most vegetarians face is that the HCG protocol doesn’t appear to be vegetarian friendly.  The HCG diet specifically calls for 8 ounces of lean protein and typical menus will always suggest chicken, fish, or lean beef.  If you’re a fish eating “vegetarian”, then you’re home free; but for vegans and other more strict vegetarians, this could pose a problem. Does this mean that vegetarians are unable to take full advantage of the fantastic weight-loss opportunity that the HCG diet offers?

One thing vegetarians can do is find suitable protein substitutes.  However, it’s especially important to avoid substitutes that are high in fat or carbohydrates.  The reasoning is simple when you consider the way the HCG diet functions.  HCG works by turning on the body’s fat burning furnace.  If you give the body extra fat, it will choose to burn what you just consumed first as it is more readily accessible than the fat that’s already stored on your body.  Extra carbohydrates give the body energy and if the body has available energy then it doesn’t need to burn stored fat either.  You want to make sure the your diet choices do not distract the body from doing what the HCG is commanding.

Vegetarians have always been able to get plenty of protein from sources like quinoa and other whole grains as well as beans and lentils. Unfortunately for this diet those won’t work because of their high carbohydrate content. There are some soy options out there though.  Look for a low-fat soy patty that will equal about 4 ounces meat. Season it up and enjoy.  There are also some protein powders that will do the trick as well.  Personally, I find that it typically takes more protein powder before I feel satisfied as opposed to when I’m actually chewing something.  If you aren’t careful with the protein powder, you may go over your calorie limit.

hcg protein

One overlooked source of protein is spinach.  The neat thing about spinach is that one cup of spinach only has 7 calories!  Granted, you’re only getting about 1 g of protein per serving but you can virtually eat as much spinach as you want.  How much easier does it make a diet if you can gorge yourself on a food item?  Now obviously you don’t want to go crazy with this but 10 cups of spinach is only 70 calories and it gives you 9 g of protein.  Drink a little protein powder on the side and you’re full and within your calorie limit for the day.

As a vegetarian you can definitely be successful with the HCG diet.  It’s going to require a little bit more finesse but once you tweak it just for you, you’ll see the pounds fly off.

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