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HCG Diet

Let’s Begin Losing All This Extra Weight... NOW!

There’s a lot of information out there regarding the HCG diet so the idea here is not to continue to overload you.  This is just the simple plan you’ll want to follow if you are serious about dropping those extra pounds fast.*

Getting to the newer you is surprisingly easy if you follow the HCG weight loss program. Not only is exercise NOT necessary, but the diet duration is so short with such dramatic weight loss results it’s very easy to stick to.  DO NOT CHEAT!  HCG does an excellent job of controlling hunger, however, many HCG dieters have noted that eating more than the daily plan suggests may result in an increased feeling of hunger.  That being said, if you do “fall of the wagon”, don’t beat yourself up... just get right back on! Send us a postcard from the beach!

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Preparing For the Quickest Weight Loss Ever

This is a momentous occasion.  Like all momentous occasions you should begin by documenting it.  So, before you get started, take pictures - front and back, measure arms, thighs, waist, hips, and chest, weigh yourself on a digital scale that has a decimal point.  

You will appreciate what you’ve accomplished so much more when you can clearly see the transformation.  Take pictures during the cycle as well.  Throughout the HCG diet you’ll be weighing yourself daily, so get in the habit of doing it at the same time - preferably first thing in the morning. Your weight will fluctuate during the day so morning is usually the best time. Log this information on your HCG Diet Package Log.

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The two days of Phase 1 are easy because nothing is off limits.  Phase 2, however is very regimented. Many people actually save tons of money on HCG because it is a VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) with such a restrictive menu. Browse the HCG food options for Phase 2 and plan your menus a little ahead of time so that following the program requires little effort. If you need a lot of variety, try some different HCG recipes.  If you are OK with less variety, find a few simple foods you like and stick with them.

OK... let’s get started on the HCG Diet Phases...

Click below to learn about each of the three phases of the HCG diet plan in detail...

  • Phase 1 - 2 days of loading 
  • Phase 2 - 21-45 days of low calorie intake
  • Phase 3 - 21 days of metabolisim stabilization

HCG Diet Guidelines

  • Don’t eat, drink or chew anything not listed as acceptable for the diet.
  • No sugars or starches... period!
  • No over the counter or prescription medications unless absolutely necessary.  If you are taking prescribed medications, consult with your doctor before abstaining, otherwise continue taking it.
  • Exercise is not necessary but a 30-60 minute walk is great for keeping the metabolism up.
  • Excessive exercise will leave you very hungry and fatigued.  Read below on how to modify the diet if you absolutely must exercise.

Dealing with Hunger On The HCG Diet

Some will experience mild hunger pains.  HCG keeps blood sugar levels even by burning you're fat for fuel so you shouldn’t be hungry.

  • Taking an extra dose may help combat the hunger pains
  • Drink herbal teas with Stevia.
  • DO NOT CHEAT - the more calories you eat, the hungrier you’ll be later
  • If you are getting hungry at the same time each day, eat one of your portions thirty minutes before you normally get hungry.

Plateaus and constipation

Try eating nothing but 6 apples throughout the day.  Make sure you drink a lot of water.  Remember also to weigh yourself at the same time each day.  Your weight can fluctuate several pounds over the course of the day so don’t be alarmed if you are two pounds heavier at 6pm than at 8am.


If you need to exercise heavily, you are going to have to up your caloric intake to between 700 and 1200 calories depending upon your level of activity. The best suggestion is to fore go heavy workouts while taking HCG.  Instead, exercise lightly and focus on strictly adhering to the HCG diet plan. Start up your exercise program immediately after.  Typically, this will yield better overall weight loss results.

HCG and Menstruation

The low calorie diet may be hard to endure while women are menstruating.  It is recommended that you raise your caloric intake during your period if you are felling weak or sick.

Lotions, Makeup, Oil, and Face Creams

Try not to use any products that contain oils.  Using oil based products in not a deal breaker, but avoiding them will enhance your results.

Proper HCG Dosage

When beginning the program, start with three doses a day.  If you find you are getting hungry you may consider adding an additional dose.  People have different tolerances and some may even use up to 6 doses per day.  However,  most will be able to complete an entire 45 day cycle on 3 doses per day. Only you know you.  

Listen  to your body! If you raise your dosage, be aware that your supply may not last until the end of your planned cycle.  If so, remember to re-order HCG prior to running out at www.hcgdietpackage.com.

Most Importantly!

Stick with it!  This is the easiest, safest way to drop into the new you. See you at the beach!


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*Though the HCG diet is safe and natural, as with all aggressive diets and/or fitness plans, you should consult with your medical professional before beginning.