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5 Simple Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy


\"\"Staying fit in the modern age has become an exceptionally difficult task. Beyond merely the inconvienence of cooking healthy foods in our daily lives, people simply do not have as much free time. Household chores and cooking have been relegated to the fringes of our daily lives, and beyond even this, competition has grown more and more fierce. We have compiled a little list of ways that you can, not only achieve better health, but do so without too much additional strain on these day to day tasks.

1) Drink Ample Amounts of Water

Every day you are supposed to drink at least 8-8 ounce glasses of this essential liquid, but few people actually obey this doctor recommendation. The benefits of this are truly significant, however, as it increases kidney functioning and sheds more calories each day via metabolic processes.

2) When you Walk – Walk Fast

This may seem almost useless (and it is quite easy), but research shows that people that walk at a rapid pace lose 50 calories every 10 minutes. Compare this with the 20 or so calories you lose over the same period walking normally, and it\’s obvious that this is a big \”step\” in the right direction.

3) Park Further Away

Though this won\’t work if you\’re running late (always be on time!), parking further away from your place of business or residence is a great way to add extra distance and burn extra calories. That extra flight of stairs in the parking deck, or extra 5 blocks to work will save you more than a few dollars on the higher priced inner city parking!

4) Climb Stairs More

Though this may seem obvious, \”Take the Stairs\” is a truly excellent addition to your daily routine. You will not only burn calories, but help tone that tush. If you usually take an elevator for less than 8 floors each day, those 2-3 minutes it would take to walk up the stairs can be a huge help in staying healthy each day

5) Cultivate Healthy Daily Routines

This may seem hard, but it can really be quite easy. On that lunch turkey club, don\’t put mayonaisse, use mustard! Pack your lunches for work each day, rather than ordering in (saves calories and money!). Add at least one green vegetable to each meal, and eat it first, saving the best for last. These easy steps can offer you a huge boost in your overall health. Cultivate healthy routines through the day, and before long it will be commonplace to live and stay healthy.

It’s always tough for people to achieve a high degree of health and maintain it in the long term, yet it’s all about taking it a little at a time. Adding just one of these per day for a week can totally transform your life in the long term. Just 1 good habit, added each day, can change your life in a month or less! What more energy for your family and kids? There’s no better way than to live a healthy life. Good health releases endorphins to your brain and makes you happier, improving mood and functionality. Bettering your health means bettering your life!

Geraldine Jones is a Graduate from Princeton University class of 2008, with bachelors in English and Philosophy. She writes for her hCG blog regularly and submits content about various health topics related to her expertise.